Mike's Tour of Melbourne


Here is my Tour of Melbourne. Check out some sights and sounds. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria Australia.
This guy playing the slide guitar I thought was aussie because he was playing "Waltzing Matilda" and wearing the acubra hat and He looked up and I realised he was asian. This old guy was dancing (Sort of).

This dude was playing an old honky tonk piano with a cigarette in his mouth. He took requests but I couldn't resist to get a photo with this guy after I threw 10 cents in the bucket.

We headed into a department store called Myers and we I decided to get and try out as a model. I think Mr Bean on my T-shirt was too.

This was taken as we crossed the bridge to go into Melbourne. That building in the middle with all the patterns and stuff is Federation Square. Its sort of like the Art Precinct of Melbourne.

Here is a photo of one of the Yarra River half way between the Vodaphone arena and Federation Square

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour of Melbourne

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Kathie said...

Recently my husband and I were overseas with a daughter. We've lived in Melbourne for 15 years now but it wasn't until we returned home from overseas that I saw Melbourne again with tourist's eyes - I haven't seen it that way for many years. It was good to see your photos of my home town - again with tourist's eyes. Good to see a fellow Aussie and Christian at BE.