Renter of the week


The Crikey Files has a new renter. Say G'day to Rob In China. Rob will be with me for a week so be nice everyone. Do me a favour and check out his wacky weblog: WEIRD NEWS FROM CHINA.

He says:

I report those weird, wacky, odd, and strange news stories that don't get much mainstream coverage and then I add my own special photos to them
I write this blog as an American Entrepreneur that is on the ground in China, making contacts, making mistakes and hopefully soon, making some money!
I update this site throughout the day, everyday, with the latest odd stories from the Chinese News Press from Beijing to Shanghai to Hong Kong and all across Mainland China. Make sure you bookmark this page and try not to fall behind, lol!
Doing business in China is the future!
Oh man, it's like the wild, wild, west out here, it's like the old gold rush days! and I'm gonna get me some!

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Rob in China said...

Hi Mike, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the nice write-up.

Rob in China