Thorpedo out of Commonwealth Games


I can't believe that The "Thorpedo" is out of the Commonwealth Games. Ian Thorpe is a champion and legend but is crook as a dog. I guess just the Uncle Toby's ads are right "Thorpey says they're fully sick!!" Hopefully this won't ruin our chances of making a clean sweep in the pool. If you don't know who Thorpedo is, where have you been? I could probably accept it if you were overseas but if you are from Australia then shame, shame, shame - you need serious help because you don't know your own Aussie Legends. Thats like Obi-Wan Kenobi not knowing who Yoda is...

Here's a news article

Ian Thorpe will not compete in the next week's Commonwealth Games in Melbourne due to illness, Swimming Australia head coach Alan Thompson announced today.

Thompson said Thorpe, 23, had succumbed to the bronchitis and viral infection that had been plaguing him for the past three weeks.

Craig Stevens has accepted Thorpe's position in the team, swimming the 400 metre freestyle and 1500 metre freestyle events.

"As everyone is aware now, I've struggled for the last three weeks to overcome my illness," Thorpe said.

"It has been a very trying time, a very difficult time."

"I hoped there would be a light at the end of the tunnel that would allow me to compete."

"It was difficult in terms of deciding not to compete but it was the only decision I could make, I had been struggling, I wanted to compete."

"As of yesterday, I realised the position I have on the team, that I will be of very little benefit to the team because I would be so far off my best."

Thorpe said in his current state he would not make the finals in any of the events in which he was scheduled to compete.

"I was so far off it, I was struggling to swim up and down, it was a natural conclusion that I am not with it. After training I spoke to Tracey and we made the decision."

Thorpe said he had started taking anti-biotics recently for bronchitis which he claimed was "too little too late".

"I have just been too run down."

Thorpe said he would look forward to watching the Australian team, and his replacement Craig Stevens, swim.

With Grant Hackett also out, Thorpe's expected withdrawal is a blow for the Australian swim team's chances at the meet.

This week, Thorpe has only been able to spend about half an hour in the pool at a time.

Thorpe said he was aiming to compete in the World Championships in December.

Stevens said he was grateful for the position in the team.

"I've been doing a lot of endurance training," Stevens said.

"You never can tell how things will work out."

Thorpe, Australia's most decorated Olympian, has been hit by a bout of bronchitis which has affected his training regime.

The five-time Olympic gold medallist was planning on the Commonwealth Games being his first major international meet since the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Thorpe was aiming to become Australia's most successful Commonwealth Games athlete.

Thorpe has won 10 Commonwealth Games medals, equal with Susie O'Neill, with the five-time Olympic gold medallist having won four gold medals at the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Games and six gold medals at the 2002 Manchester Games.

Thompson denied that Swimming Australia had selected Stevens to repay him for giving up his position to Thorpe in the Athens Olympics team after Australia's most decorated swimmer was disqualified during qualfying.

Thompson said the decision on who will replace Thorpe in the 100 metre and 200 metre freestyle events would be made in the next 48 hours.

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