To rig or not to rig


Ok, lets get one thing straight. Plusultra and I didn't rig each others games. Just because I visited his blog, tried the game and got 100 perfect points don't mean it was rigged. All I done was put myself in his shoes and I thought "What would plusultra do?". Actually the toughest question was the one about the shoutbox and what he done. I just went for the most craziest answer. Thats all, the rest of the answers were obviously on his blog anyway.

But here's the deal, with the quiz here on my blog there's no catch. When I launched the comp I did say you could cheat. Cheat means cheat, you know that thing that the teachers wouldn't let you do in school? Infact if you're still not clear what I mean by cheat let me go to and show you what it means

  1. To act dishonestly; practice fraud.
  2. To violate rules deliberately, as in a game: was accused of cheating at cards.

I'm not going to tell you how because thats crazy. Use your imagination!

There you go, you can violate the rules delierately. The 2 rules I had was: that you couldn't enter more than once, and that you had to put your username where you enter your name with an astericks next to it, eg: planetmike*. The star actually shows me that you're a B.E member and I need your B.E username so I know who to give the credits to - thats if you value 30 credits.

Remember, the first person to score a perfect 100 by getting all 10 questions correct wins 30 crikey blog explosion credits.


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