Tom Cruise is a Moron and a Half of Cadbury Dairy Milk


Tom Cruise is still a moron. If 'normal' person acted like he does then someone would open a can of woop ass on him including most Hells Angels. The problem is that just because he's a celebrity, somehow in the back of our minds we have to have respect for him.

Think about it, if you took away his fame and fortune and everything else and put him in an average neighbourhood - like yours, gave him an average car - like yours, and gave him an average job or no job - like yours, what would you have? Some complete moron and raving lunatic. If you have all these character traits and this guy actually moved next door to you wouldn't it be time to call the cops? Does society need more of these complete drop kicks?

There should be some community in the middle of the outback or the desert somewhere where moronic celebrities like our friend here stay permanently - sort of like Woomera detention centre.

That's my 2 cents for now.
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rockyjay said...

It's a chicken/egg situation.

Was he like that before he became celebrity or after? And if you were taken from that 'hood of yours and that celebrity status was given to you, would you "lose it"?

I think you would.

I used to like Tom circa TopGun, but now I just feel pity for him.

Tom Cruise and Britney Spears both would need new managers and especially publicists!

Mikestar said...

He's the type of guy that is used as a blue print to build an idiot