Try My Quiz and Win Credits


Ok, I'm feeling generous.
How would you like to win 30 Crikey Credits from Blog Explosion? It's easy. All you have to do is have a go at my "Planet Mike Genius Test". The winner of the credits is the person with the highest score!

This is a quiz to see how much you know about me. What I like, what I don't, etc. Some of the answers are already on this site and other links related to me so study up. Yep you can even cheat anyway you can to get it. There are 10 multiple choice questions.

Click your mouse (Or touchpad for laptop users like yours trully) HERE
The first person to score a perfect 100 points wins the 30 credits

Now For The Rules:

  1. You can only enter once, if there are multiple entries by the same username then I take the lowest score.
  2. Where it says "ENTER YOUR NAME:" Followed by an asterix ( * ) after it. This must be your B.E Username otherwise I can't forward the credits to you. The asterix shows me that this is B.E Members. e.g: planetmike* and not just regular people.
  3. Cheating is allowed - yes thats right!! You can get your answers anyway you want.
  4. The first person to score 100 points wins

2 Comment(s):

plusultra said...

Hi Mike,
I did poorly on the genius test, but I sure did well to be the first crikey points winner. Since we both like contest and trivia on our blogs, I am glad we are linked.
I may have to steal your Idea of that trivia though. Would you mind?
Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery after all. Or is it flatulance? I can't rememeber.
Ever Higher Ever Farther Ever Better

Kathie said...

Thanks for the credits Mike, but I'm confused about one thing - you said in your post on my blog that you're on the other side of the world? Perhaps you might be at the moment but I looked at your blog and it indicates we're both in the same state! I'm just southeast of Melbourne.