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I ended up buying the new V8 Supercar 3 for Xbox on Thursday and all I can say is that I'm really impressed with it. The graphics kick but and the game play is phenomonal coz its actually more realistic than I had hoped for. Heres a screen shot of Marcos Ambrose's car in the game

Secondly I just saw the photo of Russell Ingalls new weapon for 2006. The number 1 could have been placed more strategically like right across the bonnet but I guess you can't win them all. How cool does it look?

My Question is if every other team can atleast make an effort to make some changes for the 2006 season how come HRT can't? Here's 2 photos of Skaife's car. The one on the top is the 2005 livery, the one underneath that is the 2006 livery.

What the hells the difference? Wait, if you look carefully you can see some new Dodo signage on the car. Doesn't that telecomunications company already sponsor someone else? Maybe Skaifey is trying to tell us something! Honestly, do you think that this is going to help their chances?

Here is a photo I sometimes put on the desktop of my computer. It reminds me of the stupid move at Sandown how skaifey waited till the 2nd last lap to refuel.

This photo is the photo I took of Skaifey's car when I was at Sandown 2004, he clipped the wall and had to do a lap of shame before pitting in and getting some tape.

Well thats me for now.... Bring on Adelaide Clipsal 2006

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