The 'Whats The Deal With This Guy?' Comp


Here's the deal. A while ago some weirdo started chatting with me on the net. I have no idea who he was and what he does. He was a weirdo. I thought he was so weird that I decided to post the whole transcript from Hello to Goodbye.

This is where you my readers come in:
Here's a chance to win some more credits. Infact how does 20 big ones sound?

All you have to do is go to this entry on my blog and tell me in the comments below in this post the following:

1. What kind of resources you think that this guy was exporting

2. To where

I'm looking for the most original answer. Use your imagination. Don't forget to include your B.E username if you want a chance to win the credits. Even leaving a normal comment may win you some credits.

Entry will be announced on my blog sometime April 7 Australian Time.

Good luck

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plusultra said...

I think joe would like to import his unique brand of minerals that he found in a pile of dog poop that fell out of his mouth. He hopes to eventually take over the industry world wide, but is currently focusing his attention on Australiaca.