Britney may sue... WOOPY DOO


According to MSNBC Britney Spears’ baby boy recently fell and bonked his head, but the singer reportedly thinks a high chair might be to blame.

A nanny was taking the seven-month-old tot from his high chair earlier this month when “something snapped,” according to a report in People magazine.
Baby Sean Preston was taken to the hospital, where he was deemed okay, but now Spears is looking into suing the maker of the chair, according to In Touch Weekly. “The chair’s back broke,” a “family insider” explained to the mag. “She’s going to see if there was a fault in the chair.”

Meanwhile, Shar Jackson — the mother of two children by Spears’ hubby, Kevin Federline — reportedly doesn’t have great faith in Spears’ mothering abilities.
“Shar told Kevin that Britney can’t be alone with their kids,” a source told the mag. “Shar said that if Kevin wants to see their kids, he and Britney must do it at a hotel. “She doesn’t know what goes on at their house and there are too many strangers hanging around.”

Ok, even after so many years of seeing spear britney in the limelight she still anoys the crap out of me. I can't believe how some celebrities act like complete idiots. If you take away their fame and money what would they have? They'd be those anoying people and family members that come around your house un-invited. They could also be stupid people you know. If they had fame and fortune they'd be like Spear Britney and Tom Cruise.

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