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Here is my guide on how to impress people. Usually what I do is make up things. What things you may ask. Anything. For example, if people I know ask if I've been to a city I say YES. Or if they need to know if I have seen a particular movie I tell them YES. How do I get away with it? Easy, I rely on information I may have read or seen somewhere.

Here's a really good example. If someone asks me if I've seen the new King Kong movie and what I thought of it, I got 2 choices to make: Be with the other 6 Billion or so people on the planet and say It was Ok, or be in the 1% group who haven't seen it. Unfortunately I haven't seen it. Don't ask me why, I just haven't. Who wants to waste $15 and 3 hours of their life seeing the movie when they can be doing something better with their time? I've seen previews and previews and heard review after review of this movie. I can get an idea about what its like. Once I arm myself with this knowledge I'm ready next time someone asks me "Hey, have you seen King Kong on DVD?" I just go "Yeah its awesome, love the special effects, the acting was alright but they should have got someone else to take Jack Blacks part because he's better in comedies, apart from that you can tell it's Peter Jackson's favourite movie because of the amount of detail".

Ok sound's convincing, huh? Pretty much I think this is how compulsive liars start. Who knows? This can actually work in other settings like when people ask you if you've been to a certain country. I don't have to spend $2000 on a holiday when I can make it up.

I actually used this technique when I went for my first web design job. I was asked if I use Dreamweaver - A web design program. At that time I had only used Frontpage - an inferior web design program, infact now being a Dreamweaver fan I understand why it was asked. Anyway, I had no idea how to do a webpage using Dreamweaver that I bluffed my way through, got paid for the job, and got a great result at the end. Checkout this page I done by clicking here. Actually I don't care if any of my clients read this. I can do the work you want me to do! Thats what you're paying me to do! Another time I remember getting paid for a job I didn't know how to do, actually it was so easy that I couldn't believe I was getting paid for it.

The only thing I don't do is do is make up crap to my closest friends. Only people who I want off my back. But on the other hand, if you ask a stupid question you can expect a stupid answer!

Have you ever lied to get a job? Leave your response in the comments below!

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Noi said...

This is a great idea!Of course I have lied many times to get a job! Its a skill I tell ya. The trick is to be confident. People love people who are confident. In fact even on resume, it can be all lies, but I dont 100% lie on my resume. Its just exagerrated..a lot!

Thanks for accepting my bid, landlord!

jan said...

Hey Mike,

You have a very funny blog. I don't know why your Pomeranian doesn't like you. Maybe she is just a compulsive liar. :)