I Hate Computers


I hate computers. I re-installed Win XP on my laptop here because it was previously not being able to connect to the internet and having problems downloading Flash Player 8 (I couldn't see anything used with Flash Player 8) and a whole bunch of other stuff. Now everything is fine! Thank God. About time. So if you've been wondering why theres a lack of Blog Entries and why I've been quiet, now you know! Why am I even involved in the I.T industry? I'm sick of looking at peoples computers when they stuff them up. People tell me that theres something wrong with their computer but its totally different when I get there. The haven't correctly told me what the problem is.

Well thats my rant... Thanks for caring

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Canadian Mark said...

That's not a rant.... THIS is a rant.... (I'm allowed, I used to be a workshop coach teaching the elderly to use computers and the internet.)

People just aren't cynical enough. That's the problem.

"Ooohh!" they exclaim, "a flashy banner advert that boasts they can make my computer run faster, speed up downloads, and make my toast for me in the morning!"

So what do they do? They click on it. Big mistake.

Aside from being all-to-trusting, the average-Joe-computer-user is not altogether very patient, so they click on it again... and again... and again... downloading multiple copies of spyware and malware laden accelerators that just end up conflicting with each other until their PC runs like a VIC 20 with a hangover.

"Crap," is the inevitable next phrase out of their mouth, "I must have a virus."

And off they go, downloading as many free anti-virus programs that they can lay their hands on in order to magically rid their mechanical beast of its retardation for once and for all. Of course, we all know that the average free AV software package does not protect against spyware or adware, and so this just makes matters worse. In fact, there's a good chance that will just make matters worse, as AV programs also tend to conflict with each other also, and eat up system resources as they run in the background looking for the non-existent viruses.

It's about this time that they call me. No, not to fix the problem, but because they can't figure out how to log in to their Yahoo account to email me about the problem.

Wow. I really needed that. Thanks. I found your site from a comment you left in the guest book of my Tripod Star Wars fan site, which I abandoned long before you commented (I was too busy writing on my blog.) But, for nostalgia's sake, I went back this evening and checked it out - there you were! Cheers, and welcome to my blogroll.