No Soup For You


Yesterday I got screwed over. I guess everyone knows what its like once in a life time. This is probably the mother of them all. To protect them and myself I won't give any names but they know who they are. This post I wish I didn't have to write but I don't care if one of my clients see this as they deserve a post dedicated to them.

I sent off a purchase order to be paid for a job I had done for a client. Here's where it gets stupid. My client is disputing the amount of hours I have done. I don't lie when it comes to my job, I have my integrity. I do what I can for my clients to make sure that I get the job done and that everyone is happy. My client gets funding from a government organization. About 6 months ago it got cut back from weekly to monthly. The problem is that my client didn't tell me but decided for me to still turn up to help him with the computer stuff on a weekly basis. The weekly times kicked in September last year after he came out of hospital. I found out yesterday that it was suppose to be July. I sent a purchase order in February and wondered why I hadn't received $865. Now I am told that it will only be about $200. They have done nothing about trying to rectify the situation with me except letting my purchase order sit on their desk. Why give me a photo copy of my own purchase order???

I have nothing to stand on, everything has been right. And they are doubting my integrity. I have been thinking of some things I should do:

1. Tell them to stick the job because I'm not working with them anymore.
2. Fight for what I should be paid by taking them to court or getting a debt collector.
3. Continue to work with them and raise my price.

Anyone got any ideas??

If anyone is actually comparing my idea of integrity with a previous entry on impressing people, I draw the line between what I do socially and for my work.

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Pablo P said...

I didn't know you were a Youth Leader. I'm a Youth Pastor, as well. Keep at it.

Bar Bar A said...'re the second Aussie worship leader I've met today. Very cool.

Stacie said...

I'd definitly get a debt collector! Good luck! Stacie

LibertyBelle said...

Stick it to 'em where the sun don't shine Mikey!
Some people!
Hope you work it out!
ps - my hubby laughed when you read your blog - quite an achievement!