This Weeks Special Guest Comp


A big hola and greetings to this weeks special guest... Say hello to "Miss Weird One". She'll be here for the next week so be nice to her peoples! She has a twisted sense of humour like yours trully. There you'll find some weird, wacky and wonderful entries and photos. CHECK IT OUT!

How would you like to win 30 Blog Explosion Credits? All you have to do is visit this week's special guest, copy a sentence anywhere from her blog and paste it into the comments below. The winner will be randomly selected next week. 3 things to remember:

1. You can't copy and paste the same sentence as someone else.
2. You must leave your B.E username so I know who to give the credits to.
3. There must be no less than 30 entries or otherwise the comp will be null and void.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday night Melbourne time!

Good luck!

9 Comment(s):

Karen said...

What a great idea! I love contests and I get to visit a fellow blogger to boot. Clever!

Here's the sentence, er, sentences. I thought this was cute and copied the whole thing:

"There is a few good things I know about this parade get to spend my Saturday outside, get fresh air, and get free candy that the toss from the floats. Yes I'm 22 but free candy is free candy."

My username on BE is take2max.

Thanks again!

Jon said...

I just wanted to quickly drop in and say thanks for taking the time out for visiting and commenting at my site.

By the way,have you ever met that crazy alligator hunter? I like to watch him even though I think he is either insane or he has all those animals trained one,LOL.

feedscott said...

Here is the line:

"I'm so sorry for acting silly up there but I had to share that."

Good luck to all!

BE name is sparkerco


pupski said...

My plan is to take the bus.

my B.E user name is babyboglet

LibertyBelle said...

Look we have a special guest! No not the dude feeding that goat a beer. It is the goat drinking a beer!

jayne d'Arcy said...

I'm happy to visit, and have just done so. However, if there is a winner, I'm just a body to count, not a participant. :)

Cat said...

"If we wern't meant to put stuff in our ears. Then why do we have ear wax?"

mscateyes on BE

Suzanne said...

"Now let's talk about one of the things that makes me happy"

b/e username: keadamna

Empress Baggie said...

Thank you for referring The Empress to Missweirdone's blog -- she's a hoot. The post about the mayor of Lajitas, Texas, prompted a long, drawn-out posting from TQOTW to Miss WO on her comments page.

Here's a line from Missweirdone's post:

Yes people the goat's name is Clay Henry and he is the mayor of Lajitas Texas.

One thing Her Royal Highness failed to mention in my comment to Missweirdone was that Clay Henry, as an elected official, deserves to have a special title before his name. Miss WO should have written that he was "The Honorable Clay Henry." One shall hope that he doesn't try to butt her with his headgear next time they meet.

The Royal Castle's tuxedo cat has a Ph.D. in many fields of study, and we don't dare just call him by his given name. It's "Dr. Perky."

Bovid ruminant elected officials are no different.

Very truly yours,

BE ID: empressbaggie
(The tiara offer still stands, by the way ...)