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I was just looking at some of my previous posts I have written and I realised that most of them have something in common, they have the word 'crap' mentioned in it. Actually its my favourite word. It replaces pretty much every swear word ever created and you don't get into trouble. I don't even know why I'm writing a post about me saying crap.

Its 1:13am Saturday morning. I'm lucky that I don't have to work tomorrow. Night guy has just decided to do party. Why? Becuase he's Night Guy! Night Guy has no job, no worries, no cares, no life.... no nothing. The problem is that Day Guy does. Night Guy don't care if Day Guy has to work and pay bills, why? Coz he's Night Guy. Night Guy will actually make day guy do nothing all day - not even work. Night Guy couldn't care a less if Day Guy was fired because he slept in. Day guy and Night Guy are arch enemies - just like Lex Luthor is to Superman and Tom Cruise is to the rest of the world. Day guy is the guy that has a life. If Day Guy gets fired then he will kill Night Guy.

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Lexie said...

Hi Mike,

Nice sight you have here. I too use the word 'crap' a lot being as I am a lady and it just doesn't sound nice blurting out obsene words ;) Oh, and by the way, I would love to win some BE credits as I am a fairly new member (that and I'm just plain greedy). You seem like such a sweet guy and I would be forever in your debt if you sent a few my way. Username: fruitcake


Mikestar said...

there you go! 10 credits are headed your way!

Elena said...

Michael, I Love You so much!.....on a crappy note: Crap!!! Help!!! I am not sure what happened check my blog...I was making an entry and everything went to crap! For real! I was trying to fix it...but I had some technical difficulties!

Ben said...

Isn't that night guy, day guy thing borrowed from Seinfeld?

Mikestar said...

why yes it is, considering I've got the first 6 seasons on DVD and countless others around on video you can guarantee that my brain is in Seinfeld mode when 99.9% of the time

Ben said...

You'd have to be superman to watch that much Seinfeld, Lois.