Who would win?


This is Katie. Isn't she the cutest dog in the world? These photos was taken after she had a bath. I think she's pretending to be a Jedi. She is a pomeranian with no teeth.

Here is a news article I found:

The owner of a 10-pound "toy" dog was cited over the weekend when her dog attacked an 80-pound pit bull. Garry Laffredi was walking his 2-year-old pit bull Capone near his apartment complex Thursday when a neighbor's Pomeranian came running at them and attacked the dog. "[Capone's] not a bad guy. He's real friendly. He's people-friendly,'' Laffredi said. "He loves other dogs. [But] this little Pomeranian ran out and starts biting him on the foot." Pomeranians, which are classified as toy dogs by the American Kennel Club, can be as small as 3 pounds and resemble a fox in appearance, generally having a bushy orange coat and pointed ears.

Laffredi said the Pomeranian bit Capone's foot hard enough "to draw blood" and also managed to nick Capone on the top of the head as Laffredi tried to pull the pit bull away on a leash. 'They stand their ground' Eventually, Laffredi said, Capone "grabbed the dog and more or less set him off to the side" before the two dogs were separated. It was not the first time Laffredi had a run-in with the 10-pound dog. He was bit in the hand two weeks ago by the Pomeranian but chose not to report it, he said. Waukegan animal warden Tina Fragassi said she was not surprised when her office fielded the report about Thursday's attack. "They stand their ground, those little dogs," she said. The Pomeranian's owner described the incident as an unfortunate episode that she wanted to put behind her. She was cited with failure to prevent a dog bite, owning a dog running at large, not possessing a dog license and not having updated rabies shots. Each citation comes with a $25 fine, Fragassi said.

Ok, my question is. Out of my dog Katie and Capone, who would win a fight? My dog has no teeth but Capone is a woose.


Ok you decide!

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Ardice said...

awww she's adorable :) Have a wonderful weekend. Take-Care...

Elena said...

My vote is on Katie!...but I maybe partial.

jan said...

The old saying is "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog."

katie would probably win, but I'm sure she would have more class than to attack a woosie Pit Bull.

jayne d'Arcy said...

I once took my dog to a vet and while we were there, the vet was treating a german shepard who'd had his *cough* jewels attacked by a dachsund. I couldn't help a smirk, and was told, rather sternly, by the vet that small dogs are the bane of big dogs because small dogs can reach the tender spots. ouch!