Crikey Credits Giveaway


I've just given away more credits to a viewer named 'Maggieofoz'. Here's her comment:

Here goes with the sucking up:
1. I am an Australian. Now that has to be worth some credits.
2. I have several blogs and Saying No to the Culture of Death is not
winning in the battle of the blogs. That means I lose the few credits that I
3. I follow Australian Rules Football.
4. I was born in Melbourne but I live in Sydney.
5. I do not follow the Swans.
6. St.Kilda rules (I hope that does not cost me those credits that I need
so much)
7. I am a committed Christian and I believe in supporting the culture of
life. I have more than one blog and I believe in speaking out on issues of
injustice and lack of civil rights.
8. Tom Cruise is a jerk.
9. Snmarties are better than M & M s
10 Tim Tams are even better than smarties.
11. I would rather eat roast lamb than go on a date with Tom Cruise

This comment has scored maggieofoz a cool 20 B.E Crikey Credits. The fact that shes in an Aussie, into AFL, and thinks Tom Cruise is a tool is a good enough reason to send 20 credits her way. Dishonourable mention to point 6. - but an honourable mention to 1, 4, 7, & 10.
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1 Comment(s):

Maggie said...

Thank you for the credits Mike. However, you gotta admit that someone who has followed the Saints for over 40 years without giving up deserves some credit ;-)