'LEGEND of the week' & 'TOOL of the week' awards go to...


Every week I chose 2 people for 2 awards. One for Legend of the Week given to a person or a group of people, organisation, or an individual who demonstrated qualities that make them legendary. The other award goes to a Tool given to a group of people, organisation, or an individual who are deserves our coveted Tool of the Week Award.

This weeks award is a team effort. The team of miners and volunteers that helped free Todd Russell & Brant Webb from the Beaconsfield mine. These 2 guys were trapped underground in a 1.5 x 1.5 metre cage for 14 nights since April 25 and were rescued this morning all well. News has been made all around the world.
A Beaconsfield church bell was today rung with such gusto celebrating the freedom of two trapped miners that it broke.
This weeks Tool Of The Week goes to Big Brother. You know that crap show where they get 16 people, put them in a house full of cameras and let them do whatever they want. I was intrigued to see what the eviction show was like so I watched it for the first and last time. All I can say is that the current lot of housemates are the biggest bunch of whinging complaining morons I have ever seen. Someone gets evicted and the host begins asking them questions where the response causes the housemate to whine like a spoilt brat about how someone didn't like them and that they didn't give them enough room to express themselves so everyone can see what the real idiot they are.

Really, does anyone care a less what it was like to spend 2 weeks in a house full of cameras? This sounds like the crap that I heard from Year 7's when I was at school. No one gives a stuff (mainly me and every other real Australian) about these people. These are the same typical stereotyped morons that live in my area and I went to school with. What makes Channel Ten think that I care about these people? The only time I will care about them is when a hole opens up in the ground and swallows them up. We don't need to replace 'Everybody Loves Raymond' or 'Seinfeld' with Big Brother to find out what these morons are up to. (They are probably talking about why no one likes them), or for 2 hours on Friday night, and definitely Big Brother uncut. Heck, what's the difference between Big Brother uncut and getting a telescope and looking into the neighbours house? Nothing. You're still a peeping Tom.

Speaking of Tom, an honourable mention goes to Tom Cruise for being a moron as usual.

Know of someone who deserves the Legend of the week & Tool of the Week award? Leave a vote in the comments below. Every winner of both award's goes into the Grand Finale to play off for Tool of the Year and Legend of the Year where you will be able to vote for your favourite Legend or Tool

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I am afraid that Tom might like bananas...