This Weeks Legend of the week & Tool of the week


Every week I chose 2 people for 2 awards. One for Legend of the Week given to a person or a group of people, organisation, or an individual who demonstrated qualities that make them legendary. The other award goes to a Tool given to a group of people, organisation, or an individual who are deserves our coveted Tool of the Week Award.

This weeks legend goes to my girlfriend Elena... Today we've been going out for 1 year today exactly. She's the best! She knows how I feel about her! We've been through everything together and she's an awesome woman of God. I've been blessed so much to know her and to have her.. well it looks like I found my Legend of the Year!
Looks like Legend of the Year has been cancelled.
This weeks Tool Of The Week goes to Big Brother again... . You know that crap show where they get 16 people, put them in a house full of cameras and let them do whatever they want. I was intrigued to see what the eviction show was like so I watched it for the first and last time. All I can say is that the current lot of housemates are the biggest bunch of whinging complaining morons I have ever seen. Someone gets evicted and the host begins asking them questions where the response causes the housemate to whine like a spoilt brat about how someone didn't like them and that they didn't give them enough room to express themselves so everyone can see what the real idiot they are.

Ok so I'm repeating what I'm saying... seriously can anyone actually like this show?? These bunch of morons on the show have no personality. Here's a reminder for all you Big Brother wannabe's if you like it or not, You're a role model so get with the program and don't act like the biggest knob this side of earth. While I'm on the issue of Big Brother, who are the morons at Channel 10 who gave Hot Dogs his own show? Did anyone actually watch the Up-late Gameshow? If you fell asleep infront of the TV at 1am and you didn't wanna watch them advertising some crappy new exercise equipment you would have seen the show.

Hey, if you're gonna give someone their own TV show make sure 1. They have a personality and 2. They have a personality. Get my drift?

Know of someone who deserves the Tool of the Week award? Leave a vote in the comments below. Every winner of both award's goes into the Grand Finale to play off for Tool of the Year and Legend of the Year where you will be able to vote for your favourite Legend or Tool

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