The Tomology Comp


Ok, I'm feeling generous... I'm running a competition to give away 50 B.E Credits.

All you have to do is give me a reason why to like Tom Cruise and to see his new movie M:I:III. The best reason gets the credits! Leave your answer below in the comments. The competition will close Monday 22nd May. Don't forget to leave your B.E username.

5 Comment(s):

Wally Banners said...

sweet design!!!

HanFei said...

I don't know about Tom Cruise and i never watch M:I:I or M:I:II, never got the chance to do so and never was interested, now, i just want to watch cause NOW I'M just inetersted don't ask me why or how, it is just so.

BE username: sinkales

Jackthepumpkinking said...

Dude, movies are about escaping reality. Tom Cruise has escaped reality and, so, must be perfect for movies. The M:I franchise has been entertaining (especially the Shrek 2 parody) and, since we are suspending reality for a surreal person for entertinment purposes, we can tune in, drop out, and eat artery cloggin gpopcorn all for a night's fun. No wait, see that matinee. If you are going to subject yourself to Tom Cruise, see him on the cheap. No apologies, I'm not Suri, I mean Sorry.

Himself said...

Well, since their remaking movies you'd think they will get at least one good one once in a while. This one I doubt it!

Luin said...

Why should you watch MI 3? Because Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in it.

Or because you need a new reason to hate Tom Cruise (I like to cary mine from week to week).