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Lets welcome this weeks special guest: Incoblogo! Here you'll find a heap of entries to do with what she's thinking. I was wondering what the 100 things things are.. you can really understand someones personality and what they are like from this. Overall her blog is an entertaining read and I have booked it.

How would you like to win 30 Blog Explosion Credits? All you have to do is visit this week's special guest, copy a sentence anywhere from her blog and paste it into the comments below. The winner will be randomly selected next week. I will also give another mystery prize to anyone who can tell me what #22 is on her 100 things page on her blog.

3 things to remember:
1. You can't copy and paste the same sentence as someone else.
2. You must leave your B.E username so I know who to give the credits to.
3. There must be no less than 30 entries or otherwise the comp will be null and void.

The winner will be announced next Friday night Melbourne time!

4 Comment(s):

Luka said...

Don't know if I can play or not, but this is fun! Yeah for contests! :-)

Went on a big school trip to Lousiana. Sang songs about a dead sunk in the middle of the road; and slept on the floor of a science center right next to a brain in a jar.


Luka said... stil the only person to play...does that mean the contest won't happen?

pupski said...

also - the day - May 18th 1978 is my birthday and the time, the time around which I was born

BE name babyboglet

Mikestar said...

Babyboglet, youre the winner of this rounds 30 credits! Congrat's!