The Peas and Carrots Dept.


Wow, its been nearly a month and I guess everyone's been wondering where I've been. Well maybe with the lack of comments people couldn't care. Anyway, I thought I'd let everyone know whats going on.

Firstly, Elena will be touching down on Australian soil July 26th... I can't wait... About Time!!!! Will be talking about that more later...

Other highlights over these past 30 days:

  • I got a job then I quit coz I got ripped off and there was alot of dodgy stuff going on at the "Next Core Group".... (Sooo I mentioned names.... Thats what they get for acting like complete morons)
  • I realised I could play drums and I'm now the new drummer at church even though I've only had 2 hours or so practice.... I catch on pretty quick
  • Saw Superman Returns, Click, Xmen 3
  • Got kicked out of Pirates of the Caribean coz the only available seats where on the floor (Apparently if theres a fire the people up in the back row would make it out quicker than us). So we got our money back - Tip for cinemas: Don't sell tickets for seats you haven't got, it makes you look like a complete twit or people will walk out and bad mouth you.

well thats about it for now.... see you around.... stay tuned

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Anonymous said...

heya mike glad ur going well see... people comment i comment... have a good one :D