The "Earth's a Hole, Dig It" Dept.

This is Australia. Elena and I live in a town called Bendigo.

I was thinking that if I dug a hole in Lake Weeroona in Bendigo to the other side of the world come out.....


The 'Cloud 9.5' Dept.

Click here to make this pic bigger! Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of Elena and I. Thanks for your prayers and e-mails. Everything is greater than we could ever dream it would be. God is amazing. Check it out on the left! See the bling?

We haven't set the date yet but keep an eye out on this blog for details soon. What we can tell you is that we're going to be married in our church. Click here and check out the church website. If you want to see what the inside of the church looks like then Click Here. Oh yeah, I designed the website.
We are interested to know if any of Elena's family or friends are going to be flying over from the states. Our friends here have already offered their places. So accomodation won't be too hard to come by.

We still haven't got off cloud 9.5 yet - and why should we? The whole idea that Elena is my fiance is kind of surreal. It still hasn't sunk in yet. We feel so blessed!
There are some photos in our photo album link on the right-hand side that you won't see in these posts. Click here to view it.

Oh yeah, I know some have been trying to send comments but for one reason or another they haven't gone through. This has something to do with Blogger and not us - Sorry. The good news is this has been fixed. So post your comments!

The 'We Are Engaged' Dept.

Hey Peoples!
We just want to let everyone know that we are now Engaged!!!

Last night we gave our testimony in church then I proposed and when Elena said Yes the whole church went nuts and popped party poppers and blew the party whistles.

Everyone has been amazing and supportive! Thanks to all our family and friends.... You all rock!!

The 'Aussie Awesome' Dept.

Okay.....Let me begin by explaining to all those in the U.S. how amazingly awesome Australia is amazingly awesome! Infact breathtaking! Michael is so handsome and I love him so very much...I am so curious and stoked to find out when he will propose.....Australia has numerous perks such as supreb foods! Australian chocolate is very creamy and rich. Another difference is that Aussie's put tomato sauce (ketchup) on mashed potatoes and veggies....Aussie don't dip foods into ketchup they drizzle it on top of their food. There are numerous cultural, environmental differences compared to the U.S. It is winter time here and during the day the temperature ranges from 10-25 degrees celicius. The air is a bit dryer here. The Aussie people are so very accomodating and nice! The telly (television) is a bit different than the U.S. there are fewer comericals on T.V. Also, the grass is brown...there is some green grass it is pretty scarce though. Well that the news for now in the 'Aussie Awesome' Dept. I will write a entry every week. Hello and Crikey to all the mates in the U.S. and in Australia as well.

The 'Random Happenings' Dept.

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Click here to enlarge this photo Here is something cool. Elena pulled this $10 australian note out of her purse on the first day she was here and there was a Use By / Expiration date sticker stuck to it. I had my camera on me and took a photo of this... pretty funny huh?
I wonder what date we have to use this by?
Oh yeah, another thing.... this is a cool feature... it would be really cool if people would post comments on this site. At the bottom of every post theres a link to click where you can put your comments. Elena and I value these so do us a favour and say leave your thoughts or even a greeting. This is another alternative to actually emailing us if you don't know what to say. Go ahead, make our day.

Click here to enlarge this groovy photo Elena and I played a round of mini golf on Wednesday and she bet me by 1 stroke. The bet was if I lost I would tell her the date I intend to propose to her but still I didn't say when as soon as I lost. I can't believe I was laid that on the line as the wager. HEY, I want it to be a surprise alright?

There is only a handful of people who know the date and Elena's mum (or mom for you americans) Debbie knows this so if you really want to know when I'm gonna pop the question then ask her.

Click here to enlarge this cool as photo

Thank God for an 8 stroke limit or other wise I would have lost by more. No, I'm not a 'Golf Nerd'. And that's why I pretty much suck at the game. I don't like golf, don't own clubs, and nor will I ever. Mini golf is as far as I go with the game. The course is actually based on all different Australian tourist sites and stuff like that. So imagine hitting the ball over The Sydney Harbour Bridge and through Ayres Rock.

Oh yeah, Just for those playing along at home: on Elena's right is the 12 Apostles.

That's what we've been up to.... Leave a comment peoples!

The 'what you ask for is not what you get' Dept.

Elena and I are having a ball here in Australia being together. Last Saturday night we went to a pizza restaurant for dinner (Tea/Supper for you Americans playing along at home). After spending 10 mins deciding what pizza to order we decided to do something extra special and go half - half of a large pizza. I ordered my favourite pizza which was an Aussie pizza that consists of egg, ham, and cheese. Usually I ask for extra pineapple on my pizza. Elena decided to go with the American pizza consisting of Pepperoni, Tomato, Sauce, and some other stuff. Ok, that sounds easy huh? The waitress grinned as we ordered and she heard Elena asking for an american pizza with an american accent.

15 mins later the pizza arrived but not the pizza we ordered. It was a Aussie pizza but my question was 'Where was the American side?' According to the waitress this is what what we ordered but for them to fix it up there was going to be a 30 min wait. We decided to take that pizza and we discussed how we weren't going to pay for something we didn't get, or atleast pay for the Aussie part.

We went to 'pay' and told the guy behind the counter our problem and to make a long story even longer, we only paid $5 for our dinner coz we ate the 'half' a pizza. Bargain huh? This followed by hot chocolate and coffee at the Mc Donalds cafe who, may I add, make the best hot chocolate in town.

We bought a new car on Tuesday. Its a Mazda 626 hatchback with Power Steering, Power Windows, and Cruise Control. The interior is a dark red and we decided to call the car "Elmo".

Thats what we've been up to....
More to follow...


The Stuff Dept.

You're now looking at the new improved weblog with a new heading.... think of it like giving an old weblog a facelift or botox and making it look 50 years younger. That reminds me, my grandpa got a wig that makes him look 20 years sillier.

We've changed the heading because Elena and I have been taking stacks of photos together to make up for the time we've been apart. And knowing that alot of Elena's family and friends will be checking this out to find out what we're up to is great.

Everything is beautiful. Crikey we're having a blast! Everything is better than expected. Thanks for your support and prayers!

Michael & Elena are doing super. Elena is adjusting to the new cultures, new food, and new environments. Elena has seen kangaroos, cockatoos, magpies, and other Australian Wildlife. We're going to church together and Elena is loving the people there. Her jet-lag only lasted 5 minutes after a 25 hour flight from the U.S.

Australian weather is very different from U.S weather along with Australian food. Aussie food like Chips and Gravy, vegemite, sausage rolls, jelly slices, Tim Tams, Milo, and Dim Sims which are superb according to Michael & Elena. We are keeping updates here on this blog.

The Another Happy Snap Dept

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This photo says it all....

The Happy Snap Dept.

What a cute couple!