The 'Aussie Awesome' Dept.


Okay.....Let me begin by explaining to all those in the U.S. how amazingly awesome Australia is amazingly awesome! Infact breathtaking! Michael is so handsome and I love him so very much...I am so curious and stoked to find out when he will propose.....Australia has numerous perks such as supreb foods! Australian chocolate is very creamy and rich. Another difference is that Aussie's put tomato sauce (ketchup) on mashed potatoes and veggies....Aussie don't dip foods into ketchup they drizzle it on top of their food. There are numerous cultural, environmental differences compared to the U.S. It is winter time here and during the day the temperature ranges from 10-25 degrees celicius. The air is a bit dryer here. The Aussie people are so very accomodating and nice! The telly (television) is a bit different than the U.S. there are fewer comericals on T.V. Also, the grass is brown...there is some green grass it is pretty scarce though. Well that the news for now in the 'Aussie Awesome' Dept. I will write a entry every week. Hello and Crikey to all the mates in the U.S. and in Australia as well.

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