The 'Cloud 9.5' Dept.

Click here to make this pic bigger! Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of Elena and I. Thanks for your prayers and e-mails. Everything is greater than we could ever dream it would be. God is amazing. Check it out on the left! See the bling?

We haven't set the date yet but keep an eye out on this blog for details soon. What we can tell you is that we're going to be married in our church. Click here and check out the church website. If you want to see what the inside of the church looks like then Click Here. Oh yeah, I designed the website.
We are interested to know if any of Elena's family or friends are going to be flying over from the states. Our friends here have already offered their places. So accomodation won't be too hard to come by.

We still haven't got off cloud 9.5 yet - and why should we? The whole idea that Elena is my fiance is kind of surreal. It still hasn't sunk in yet. We feel so blessed!
There are some photos in our photo album link on the right-hand side that you won't see in these posts. Click here to view it.

Oh yeah, I know some have been trying to send comments but for one reason or another they haven't gone through. This has something to do with Blogger and not us - Sorry. The good news is this has been fixed. So post your comments!

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