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Click here to enlarge this photo Here is something cool. Elena pulled this $10 australian note out of her purse on the first day she was here and there was a Use By / Expiration date sticker stuck to it. I had my camera on me and took a photo of this... pretty funny huh?
I wonder what date we have to use this by?
Oh yeah, another thing.... this is a cool feature... it would be really cool if people would post comments on this site. At the bottom of every post theres a link to click where you can put your comments. Elena and I value these so do us a favour and say leave your thoughts or even a greeting. This is another alternative to actually emailing us if you don't know what to say. Go ahead, make our day.

Click here to enlarge this groovy photo Elena and I played a round of mini golf on Wednesday and she bet me by 1 stroke. The bet was if I lost I would tell her the date I intend to propose to her but still I didn't say when as soon as I lost. I can't believe I was laid that on the line as the wager. HEY, I want it to be a surprise alright?

There is only a handful of people who know the date and Elena's mum (or mom for you americans) Debbie knows this so if you really want to know when I'm gonna pop the question then ask her.

Click here to enlarge this cool as photo

Thank God for an 8 stroke limit or other wise I would have lost by more. No, I'm not a 'Golf Nerd'. And that's why I pretty much suck at the game. I don't like golf, don't own clubs, and nor will I ever. Mini golf is as far as I go with the game. The course is actually based on all different Australian tourist sites and stuff like that. So imagine hitting the ball over The Sydney Harbour Bridge and through Ayres Rock.

Oh yeah, Just for those playing along at home: on Elena's right is the 12 Apostles.

That's what we've been up to.... Leave a comment peoples!

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vicki said...

hey mike and elan ai just love ur web page and all your happenings they make me smile u are a amazing couple God bless u love vicki