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You're now looking at the new improved weblog with a new heading.... think of it like giving an old weblog a facelift or botox and making it look 50 years younger. That reminds me, my grandpa got a wig that makes him look 20 years sillier.

We've changed the heading because Elena and I have been taking stacks of photos together to make up for the time we've been apart. And knowing that alot of Elena's family and friends will be checking this out to find out what we're up to is great.

Everything is beautiful. Crikey we're having a blast! Everything is better than expected. Thanks for your support and prayers!

Michael & Elena are doing super. Elena is adjusting to the new cultures, new food, and new environments. Elena has seen kangaroos, cockatoos, magpies, and other Australian Wildlife. We're going to church together and Elena is loving the people there. Her jet-lag only lasted 5 minutes after a 25 hour flight from the U.S.

Australian weather is very different from U.S weather along with Australian food. Aussie food like Chips and Gravy, vegemite, sausage rolls, jelly slices, Tim Tams, Milo, and Dim Sims which are superb according to Michael & Elena. We are keeping updates here on this blog.

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oldmanlincoln said...

I think some wigs are great but a lot of them look like crap. I don't know whether the salesman sold them to get rid of them or if the salesman had a bad day, or both. It sounds like you kin got a good one.