The 'what you ask for is not what you get' Dept.


Elena and I are having a ball here in Australia being together. Last Saturday night we went to a pizza restaurant for dinner (Tea/Supper for you Americans playing along at home). After spending 10 mins deciding what pizza to order we decided to do something extra special and go half - half of a large pizza. I ordered my favourite pizza which was an Aussie pizza that consists of egg, ham, and cheese. Usually I ask for extra pineapple on my pizza. Elena decided to go with the American pizza consisting of Pepperoni, Tomato, Sauce, and some other stuff. Ok, that sounds easy huh? The waitress grinned as we ordered and she heard Elena asking for an american pizza with an american accent.

15 mins later the pizza arrived but not the pizza we ordered. It was a Aussie pizza but my question was 'Where was the American side?' According to the waitress this is what what we ordered but for them to fix it up there was going to be a 30 min wait. We decided to take that pizza and we discussed how we weren't going to pay for something we didn't get, or atleast pay for the Aussie part.

We went to 'pay' and told the guy behind the counter our problem and to make a long story even longer, we only paid $5 for our dinner coz we ate the 'half' a pizza. Bargain huh? This followed by hot chocolate and coffee at the Mc Donalds cafe who, may I add, make the best hot chocolate in town.

We bought a new car on Tuesday. Its a Mazda 626 hatchback with Power Steering, Power Windows, and Cruise Control. The interior is a dark red and we decided to call the car "Elmo".

Thats what we've been up to....
More to follow...


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