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The "What We've Been Up To" Dept.

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Hey there everyone. Elena and I are shocked and in unbelief on the passing of Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter. It is very surreal to think that someone we admire had gone the way he did. We think it's uncanny that name of this blog has been inspired from Steve Irwin. I thought at one stage to change the name but we've decided to keep the name.

On Monday my boss took 6 guys from my work to do some defensive driving with Craig Lowndes. What an awesome day this was! This is a picture of Craig Lowndes and me....Craig Lowndes is a V8 Supercar Superstar. I drove around this test track with Lowndsey as my passenger... He just jumped in my car ..... I work for Domino's Pizza - they sponsor him and we headed down to Melbourne after lunch for a signing and for Lowndsey to deliver a pizza to one lucky customer. We were in a convoy of about 10 Domino's delivery cars. This was one of the best days ever. I said ONE. Proposing to Elena is still tops the list as the best day ever.

Stay tuned for more updates!