2 Days To Go... Its Time!


Here we go! the time is counting down. There is less than 40 hours left until the wedding!

This is possibly the last post that you will read from yours truly as a bachelor before Elena and I tie the knot on Saturday. The next entry will most likely be after we get married. All the preparation is done, the practice is tomorrow night and then the guys go out for my bachelor party until midnight.... Where's my time gone? I want it back - ha ha.

People keep asking me if I'm nervous about getting married. The answer is a big fat satisfying 'NO!' My question is: What am I suppose to be nervous about? If I was then they would be good nerves.

I'm thankful to my folks. They are the best! They have been so supportive and totally embraced Elena since day 1 since she touched down on Australian soil. Since Elena's folks won't be able to make it to the wedding my dad is walking Elena down. Elena and I totally understand the circumstances and the reason why you both can't make it and I thank you both for embracing me and counting me as part of your family.... It is such an awesome blessing and I look forward to meeting you both in person!!!

Well thats me for now...... see you all around...

Keep the messages coming, they're great!!

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Cara said...

Mike and Elena

Oh how I wish I could see you both marry! However what an incredible miracle aye? That DAD should have patiently fashioned two like minded individuals on opposite sides of the world for each other ... waiting for just that right moment to let their lives find each other ... and that their hearts would knit so quickly and finally together must be the masterpiece of DAD ... love each other, cherish each other and thank DAD always ... my prayers and imaginary throwing of petals in your wake *smile* ....

Much love in Christ
Cara the NZ'er