Snow in the States? What the heck is snow?


I was just reading an online article about New York recieving over 100 inches of snow. Thats really interesting. Why? Because I've never seen what it's like. No I'm not amish. No, I haven't been locked in a cupboard for 29 years. I'm in Australia! Yep its summer here! While you Americans / Canadians and anyone else I have failed to mention are snowed under, Elena and I have been sweating it out in temperatures anywhere between 30 - 40 c (approx 90 - 110 F). The last time I saw snow was when we took our youth to Mt. Buller 3 years ago for the camp.

To give you an idea of what its like, think about what it would be like to have Christmas in July with the heat. Even though it get really hot, I still prefer the heat than the cold. See here on the left? This is what Australia is experiencing right now while the U.S is having a snow storm. Yep its summer. We have Christmas in the heat during summer! Which means BBQ's, Cricket, and plenty of outdoor fun on the beach. That's my perfect Christmas. I realise that most will disagree with me and prefer to be sitting around the piano singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas while wearing a pullover that grandma had knitted and scoffing down hot chocolate. That's fine too. At least I can go outside.
Tell me what you like better in the comments below: Summer with the heat or Winter with the snow.

Bye Bye Now!

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shirley buxton said...

Hello, Mike and Elena. Congratulations on your wedding. Enjoyed looking at the pictures.

I love winter and as much snow as I can get.

Thanks for visiting my blog site.

Blessings and joy to your wife and you.

Shirley Buxton

Dixie said...

Hate winter.

'Nuff said.