Special Guest of the week: You Tube Karaoke


Hey everyone,
Say G'day to this weeks special guest "You Tube Karaoke".

Little does everyone know the meaning of Karaoke is Tone Deaf. I have always wanted to do Karaoke. The closest I got was being back-up singer to a well known band back in the 80's. Lets just call this band 'John Bob and the two steps' (Coz this was its real name).

Anywho, for all you Karaoke junkies out there (Kudos to our readers in Japan) this is the perfect site for you to check out. All you need is access to the internet, some speakers, and a microphone. If you don't have access to the net then You Tube Karaoke may not be for you. Anywho check it out!

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