This Weeks Special Guest - 'One Man Bandwith, An American Profesor in China'


Hi peoples,
Let me introduce this weeks special guest: An American Professor in China. No prizes for guessing where he is or what he does. Here you'll find a heap of articles about the going on's in China. This would be handy if I ever decided to pack up and move to China one day... Who knows. Really interesting read anyway

I'm going to run a competition. If you would like to win 50 'CRIKEY CREDITS' (aka Blog Explosion credits) then all you have to do is copy a sentence from his blog then paste it in the comments and don't forget your B.E username. I will pick someone randomly to win 50 big ones next Saturday 18th Feb!

Here's the conditions:
- You can only enter once
- You must include your B.E username
- There must be no less than 15 entries by next Saturday or the comp is null and void and no one wins (So get your friends involved)

Good Luck

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JCM said...

More than two months after its release and the media storm about Gong Li’s near explosive role in Curse of the Golden Flower online and print media can’t let go.

China Rising (NFTMK) did a great post, in December, on the possibility that industry fabricated hype was only designed only to recoup the $44.6 million US dollars that it took to stage this monumental undertaking. Only China and Bollywood seem to be producing motion pictures on this scale.