Where the heck are we?

Hi peoples.... Long time no hear

I guess I owe everyone an explanation as to what's happening here.

Let me start from the beginning. First things first:

The final stages of the visa process is approaching. We got a confirmation letter back saying that Elena can now work. This came sooner than expected, thank God. The whole application should be completed around the end of June/Julyish. Last week Elena got her Australian drivers licence. She found driving on the left side of the road (The right side) a little tough to begin with but she's finally got the hang of things. Yep she can really drive here.

I have been working on a project that has finally come to reality. It is BlueBall Games. You can find it at http://www.blueballgames.com. Go and check it out. BlueBall Games gives away free prizes in conjuction with advertising - Let the BlueBall Games Begin. I have been working on getting this site up and running and thats the reason for the lack of entries for the Blog. Rest assured Elena and I are doing great!

More to follow

Have a great week.