Five ways to get her to watch sport


It's full of all the things she loves - drama, intrigue, blood and passion. Are we talking a night at the opera? Nup. We're talking sport. And she hates it. But don't fret. She just doesn't know what she's missing out on. It's up to you to convince her that sport is more than just a game. It's life.

Try these five tips below and watching the big game on Sunday just may become a lot more easier.

Explain the game
The best way to learn a sport is to play it. That's easy if you're talking tennis or touch football, but trickier if your passion is baseball or cricket. Invite her to watch you play on the weekend or take her to see a professional game because watching some sporting heroes (like you) in the flesh may pique her interest.

Teach her appreciation
It might look easy when Matthew Hayden hits a six, but today's professionals train hard to stay at the top of their game. Encourage her to have a go herself so she'll realise just how hard it is to put bat on ball.

Talk the players up
Avoid scandals like Wayne Carey's indiscretion with his best friend's missus, even if you're only making a joke. Instead, talk up some players' positive attributes, like David Beckham being the loving father to his boys and John Eales cooking for his mum.

Answer all her questions
In an effort to understand what's going on, many stupid questions will be asked. Answer every one patiently and in good humour, even if she asks why the umpire has just given a batsman the finger, why rucks and mauls appear to be the same thing and why league players run into defenders, while their union counterparts tend to run around them.

If all else fails, barter
This is the last resort. Tell her that you'll do something she likes if she'll watch the game with you; it might mean enduring a chick flick, but after all, compromise is the key to a long and harmonious relationship.

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