A plethora of popups

If you're having problems with popups then read on.

For the past week we've been unidated with popups on our computer. Don't know where they came from - don't care. I don't want a new mobile phone ringtone. And NO I don't need a new wonder weight loss drug. (By the way: I've gained 15 kilo's since we've been married, but that's another story)

All I can say is that I was 2 minutes away from re-installing our laptop - As if. After trying various free pop-up removal software this still didn't work. Infact it made it worse. Then we checked our Yahoo Mail account to find that the Yahoo mail page keeps refreshing itself. This was not good let me tell you. I tried googling my problem to see if anyone else experienced this. To no avail I was unsuccessful. Then it dawned on me: "It's gotta be the add-ons with IE 7". So I restarted Internet Explorer without the add-ons. And Vola - no pop-ups, and the Yahoo mail page is stable. Everything worked like it should so re-opened IE with all the add-ons and went to Tools > Add-ons and found there was about 50 different add-ons that I didn't know Internet Explorer 7 was running. So I removed the ones unfamiliar ones and the ones I didn't need. And all I can say is that IE 7 is running better tha I thought it would.

Ok I know that some are gonna leave comments and tell me that IE is garbage. That's your opinion. I'm old school. IE works better for me for blogging and web design.

That's about it for now!

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