Mike I am your father... I think..


My folks recently gave me a whole heap of stuff from when I was a kid... Stuff like my old He-Man action figures and my old He-Man movie. Why do I need that stuff? Like my folks think that I want to relive my childhood again.

Something else that was given to me was my photo album from when I was a kid growing up. From age 0 - 5. Elena loved them but I didn't. How am I suppose to get excited about seeing myself as a 4 year old with a worse haircut than Donald Trump? What do I want my photo album for and what do I do with it apart from letting it gather dust on the shelf?

Inspired by an episode of Seinfeld (The one where George has the house to himself and he brings a woman to his folks house and she see's a photo of George as a baby but the woman thinks its George's home), I thought that I'd get one of the photo's of me when I was 4 years old and take it to work with me and pretend that 4 year old me is actually my son. The only problem is how I'm going to explain the really aweful haircut that looks like it was inspired by Moe's hair from the Three Stooges. What was my folks thinking? (I don't remember my folks even remotely being interested in the Three Stooges.) Now this whole 'scam' of faking my 4 year old son has got me thinking how far I could take it before someone catches on. Maybe the conversation could go something like this:

"Hey Mike, thats a great photo, is that your son?"
"It sure is" *Cue fake laughter*... Then it got me thinking: What if I had a photo of Elena too and I could take both of our photo's to work and pretend that they are our "Kids"?

I'll let you know if I even pursue this idea and how it works out.

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Rissie said...
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Rissie said...

Hi mike and elena,

im very dissapointed that i sold my very holy she-ra castle and figurines at an anglican church garage sale years ago!

do you both mind if i add you guys to my blogspot? i want to add a link with my friends' blogspots.

hope you both are well, and staying warm, its freezing!