What was I thinking?

About time. My favourite team Richmond Tigers in the AFL have scored their second win of the season.

Richmond toppled Collingwood by 20 points in the season’s major upset at the MCG.
The Tigers ambushed Collingwood with a mighty first quarter and set the tone with two goals in the first two minutes.

The 18.8 (116) to 14.12 (96) scoreline was the result of remarkable evenness across the field, but the solo effort of Nathan Foley deserved to be singled out for special mention.

I'm stoked Richmond won... really stoked.... BUT

In the footy tipping competition at work I had a dilemma. With Richmond at the bottom of the ladder with only 1 win for the year and Collingwood in the top 8 with 11 wins who was I going to go for? Why would I go for my own team when they have had the worst year ever? My rule of thumb along with the other 90% of Aussies is to NEVER EVER go for Collingwood. Not only that, to NEVER EVER tip Collingwood.

I broke my own rule and I paid the price. What was I thinking?

Since this post is sort of dedicated to Richmond. I thought I'd include a video of Legend Nathan Brown and his season ending - leg breaking accident of 2005. This video still amazes me!

WARNING: Not for the weak - Seriously!
You have been warned!!!

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