I don't know what to call this entry... You name it!


I have a friend who, for the point of this blog entry I will call "Steve". "Steve" left today for 3 weeks to go to the Phillippines. This photo reminds me of the customs he's going to have to go through before he leaves and when he arrives there:

He better be careful!

Well its too bad that he's going to miss the AFL Grand Final next Saturday with Geelong & Port Adelaide battling it out. My money (If I really was betting) is on Geelong to win. This is coming from someone who saw them beat their team by 150 points. Well its better than going for Collingwood.

My question is for you viewers... Who is going to win the 2007 AFL Grandfinal? Geelong or Port Adelaide. If you don't care then maybe tell me why in American Football they stop the game everytime someone catches the ball or drops it? I ask around and no one can tell me! - Just leave your response below in the comments.

Oh yeah. with my friend called "Steve", well thats his real name. You know who you are!

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Stephanie said...

Aww, vicious customs puppies!

I found you through Blog Rush. You don't know me. But I can't resist a photo that features cute animals promoting international relations.