I was Thinking...

There was a tram crash today in Melbourne

PASSENGERS caught in a horror tram smash that injured up to 20 people in Melbourne today were tossed through carriages like rag dolls. Witnesses watched in disbelief as two Melbourne-bound University trams, a number 6 tram from Glen Iris and a number 72 service from Camberwell, collided nose-to-tail on bustling St Kilda Rd about 10am.

The crazy thing about this is that the authorities are still looking at how it happened. I think I know how it happened: 2 trams on 1 track travelling at the same time! Am I missing something?

In Other News:
I've decided to add a new segment to the blog called Mike's Words of Wisdom! Great title huh? I thought of the title myself. From time to time putting a quote, some advice, or words of wisdom here on this blog. Ok, ok, if you can come up with a better - wittier name then drop a line in the comments and I might use it below.

Mike's Words of Wisdom:
Don't ask the barber whether you need a haircut.

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