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Elevators smell different to a midget

Teach a cat new tricks

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I've been teaching my cat martial arts so if one day someone breaks in when we're not here he can defend our place. I think his training is coming along well. Soon he'll be black belt.

How I Met Your Mother - What's your favourite moment?

Elena and I are huge fans of How I Met Your Mother. I will not waste my time explaining what the show is about if you haven't seen it. This show is the best show ever - this is coming from Australia's biggest Seinfeld fan. We've even got the first season on DVD. This show is even better than LOST (When someone explains to me what's happened on the show since the first episode & why the heck there's electricity on the island I might begin to be slightly interested).

What I'm interested in is finding out what everyones favourite HIMYM moment of all time. From the Slap bet & Robin Sparkles to Lily and Marshall's wedding I want to know - just leave your vote in the comments below. and in about 2 weeks time I will post the results here on this blog.

And for those who need a refresher, here's some highlights from the first episode to now: