Kangaroo attacked and dragged into sea by shark at Torquay


A WITNESS couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a shark attack a kangaroo at Torquay at the weekend.

Daniel Hurst said he saw a two- or three-metre long shark leap out of the water and attack the unfortunate roo as it paddled out to sea. "The shark came right out of the water,'' he told the Geelong Advertiser.
"It flipped onto its side. I didn't see the kangaroo after that.'' Mr Hurst said he first spotted the roo when it hopped out of scrub and down to the beach where he was walking his dog at about 5pm on Saturday. He said the kangaroo entered the water and started swimming out to sea, making slow progress.

It was about 80 metre from shore, with only its head visible above the water, when the shark struck, he said. By the time Mr Hurst got back to his car, he could see a big flock of seagulls hovering above the water where the roo was attacked. "I still can't believe it,'' he said yesterday. "It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, and I've travelled all over the world.''

Ranger Mick Smith from Lara's Serendip Sanctuary confirmed that kangaroos could swim, and would do so if they felt threatened and saw the water as an escape route.

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