Get Down

Hi Everyone,

This year we plan to beat my blog entry record of 240 which was first set back in 2005. This is the 3rd year of The Crikey Files and post #463. With that said we're hoping to post something everyday. Sometimes its difficult coming up with new content and entries to write, that's why there was a lack of entries in 2007. Any idea's about what to blog about are welcome. Just leave your idea or question or whatever in the comments below (Whatever does not mean advertisements for that stupid Crazy Frog ring tone).

Also, you'll find that we have added a poll on the left. We are interested to see what people think our new born baby will be. The poll closes on the due date which is approx July 15th so get voting now because every vote counts (Whatever that means).

Here's Audio Adrenaline's film clip 'Get Down'

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