I may grow older but I'll never grow up


Crikey, Tomorrow is my birthday! I can't believe that I'm going to hit the big 3-0. I'm actually in denial.

Some highlights of these 29.9 years since I've been on earth so far include:

  • Moving out of my folks place
  • Moving out of my folks place
  • Moving out of my folks place

Did I mention moving out of my folks place?

Some of my regrets:

  • Not finding out what the Colonel's 11 secret herbs & spices are
  • Not trying bungy jumping
  • Not trying sky diving
  • Not watching Seinfeld from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 9 Season 180 continuously without stopping
  • Not being on the TV show 'The Mole'
  • Not being on The Amazing Race
  • Experiencing an episode of Australian Idol
  • Not moving out of my folks earlier....

The worst thing about that is when people find out that its your birthday its peoples duty to remind you. To everyone: I know its my birthday, everytime I open my wallet theres my drivers licence with my date of birth on it. If I'm in America I would have already missed my 30th birthday since it would read 2/1/08 (January 2) not 1/2/08 (Feburary 1).

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I totally know how you feel turning the big 3-0. My big 3-0 is coming up in August of this year, and already I'm wondering what happened to the other 29 years lol.

Hope you birthday is a good one!

Here via Blogexplosion.

Erik said...

Most everyone I know agrees that the 30s and the 40s are the best years. You will love it...don't let it freak you out. Embrace it and all it has to offer you.

Frances said...

Congrats on the move.
You know I want to know what those 11 herbs and spices are too!
Found you on BlogExplosion.

Arwen said...

Happy belated birthday. :)

TOM said...

If 30s and 40s are the best years then everything is going downhill this April .. Happy Birthday

Tommy said...

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