Our Future Son or Daughter

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I thought that I would use photoshop and super impose Elena and my photo together to see what our future son or daughter will look like when they are about our age.
WARNING: This may freak people out... I know it freaked us out.

Our future son if he ever decided to bring back the mullet
Our future daughter

New Ultrasound Photos

G'day, here is the latest ultrasound photos of bump

Don't forget to vote if Bump is a boy or a girl

Whats New?

Hi sports fans. Its been long time no see. We have really good reasons for no entries this month... we really do. My birthday was great. Elena surprised me with 2 tickets to see Jason Alexander's Comedy Spectacular in Melbourne in April. It should be fun. The best thing about this is that we got the 6th row from the front.

One of these things do not belong here:
I was greatly disturbed this week about what I saw at work. I went to the vending machine and saw cans of John West tuna mixed between Kit Kats, Mars Bars, Snickers and various other Chocolate Bars (Sidebar: I don't care what anyone thinks, Aussie Chocolate is way better than that American chocolate). What the heck is tuna doing in the vending machine? Has anyone decided to have a snack and go "Man, I could really go for some tuna right now" or say "Darn, I bought some bread to work but I forgot to put something in my sandwich. Just as well theres Tuna or I'd go hungry". Who's ever picked Tuna over a Mars bar anyway? I have never thought "Hmmm I could really go for some tuna right now" I have never seen anything like this ever and thought that it was so unusual that I took a photo of it with my mobile phone. If anyone has any ideas what tuna might be doing in the vending machine then that would be great.

Baby News:
Another thing too. We are now officially half way through the pregnancy and we have the second ultrasound booked in for tomorrow. This is the ultrasound where you can see more than the first one. We will be able to tell if 'Bump' is a boy or girl (Unless he or she crosses his or her legs). We won't be telling anyone the gender until Bump is born. The official poll on the right will expire when bump is born. Currently 72% of you say that Bump is a boy while 27% of you say that bump is a girl. Feel free to study the ultrasound photo and vote. I've heard comments about him or her looking like myself. I'll try not to give myself a big head especially if Bump is a girl. The weirdest thing is for people to think our future daughter looks more like her dad and not her mum.

Comeback tomorrow for a new photo of Bump!