Zombie Harmony - A dating site for zombies

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Found this website called Zombie Harmony. Its a dating site for Zombies. Just what everyone needs. Check it out here:

Things to do on Annual Leave - Watch TV

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I've been watching a bit of TV while on annual leave. At the moment I'm watching Oprah's Favorite Things show. What is that all about? These women were fainting over panini makers and body butter like they were 16 yr old Asian girls at a 1987 Michael Jackson concert. It was on in December last year but we've just got it now.

Click here to check out a compilation of the crowd's reaction

The Third Night Home

Well we survived Madeline's third night home. Everything is getting better. She's sleeping more, if only her parents could. We are slowly getting used to our new routine.

The Second Night Home

Last night was Madeline's second night home. All I can say is all the rumours you hear about midnight feeds and being sleep deprived are ALL TRUE!!
For those of you about to have a little one arrive to the world believe all the rumours and stories. I was the worlds biggest skeptic until 1 am on Sunday morning... and again at 2am, 4am, 7am, and 9am.

It's a Girl!

We would officially like announce the safe arrival of our new daughter Madeline Deborah-Elizabeth Elliott. Born July 15th at 11:44am. Weight 5lbs 15oz Born at Bendigo Base Hospital.

Photos have been emailed to friends and family. If you haven't recieved a photo yet then email us.

Thanks to everyone who voted on the Official Poll. It was difficult keeping the gender a secret for so long!

The Pope Lookalike

I've been thinking about the World Youth Day. Is it just me or does the pope look like Emperor Palpatine from Starwars?

Uncanny or resemblance what?

The worlds most expensive dunny roll holder

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Elena and I were in Bunnings yesterday and found the worlds most expensive toilet roll holder. Who pays $114 for a dunny roll holder? Does it make that trip to the commode that extra special? No sir I don't think so. Let's just sell it as a collection with a gold toilet brush, velvet toilet seat cover, and a chrome toilet roll.

View from my desk

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This is a photo taken of my desk at work.
One of these things don't belong here... can you guess which one?

I don't know either... I just thought I'd post this photo coz I've got nothing better to do

Happy July 4th - Muppets Style