Embarassing Story

I have always had injection phobia and the fear of getting a shot has even caused me to pass out from the stress. In the 7th grade, it was "shot day" and the nurse would periodically call out names over the intercom informing the unlucky ones of their impending doom. I wasn't paying real close attention when the next name was called, but the girl in front of me got up, left the room and was gone for a suitable length of time. When she came back, the room was very quiet and I spoke up (so everyone could clearly hear me) and asked her if it hurt much. She gave me a really strange look and the teacher seemed outraged that I should ask such a question. Everyone else just snickered. At that point, the teacher politely pointed out to me that my fellow student had just returned from the john.

What A Trooper

Last night I found my old Storm Trooper outfit from when I was in Starwars Epsiode 4. The first Starwars. You are probably wondering which Storm Trooper I was. I was the one that bumped his head as he came through the door into the room where C3PO and R2-D2 was. It hurt like hell.

What you will never see or hear is that it knocked me out and I got a bad concussion. I was rushed to hospital and they released me later on in the afternoon. Unfortunately it kept production on hold that they got a replacement storm trooper. It was my clone. Remember Starwars Episode 2 - Attack of the clones? (this is the one before the first Starwars). You have no idea how far fact seperates itself from fiction. You see I was one of those clones. George Lucas wanted the authenticity of real clones and I nominated myself for the cloning program.

My other clone lives in America and works for Donald Trump. He got his break after Donald Trump saw him as one of the rejects in the crowd on American Idol. Unlike my other clone counterpart, I can sing.

Alrighty, so I don't have any proof of any of this. I don't have proof that I was the guy under the helmet. But I did end up getting this photo of me on the can. This was taken like over 20 years ago. I was at one of the secret scene locations for starwars. I was taking a toilet break for goodness sake and they found out where I was and walked right in and took this photo. I chased after the guy and proceeded to bash the crap out of him and I took his camera and got this photo developed.


My parents

Here is some photos of my folks:

This is My Dad

This is my mum

Teach a cat new tricks

I've been teaching my cat martial arts so if one day someone breaks in when we're not here he can defend our place. I think his training is coming along well. Soon he'll be black belt. See the photo I took?

Music Monday: Australia Day Edition

Welcome to Music Monday

Here is the best Aussie Song ever: Down Under by Men At Work

According to the Herald Sun the worst songs are as follows

1. Tamara Jaber: Ooh Aah
THERE'S so much wrong with this record. Firstly the lyrics: Jaber, who was discovered in Popstars flop stars Scandal'us actually sings ‘‘Ooh aah, I lost my bra, I left it in my boyfriend's car'' and ‘‘Boys are rotten made outta cotton, girls are sexy made outta Pepsi''. Inspiring stuff. Then there was the nepotism factor. Jaber's song and big-budget video were paid for by boyfriend (now husband) Kyle Sandilands, who released it on his King Kyle record label. Why? Because no one else wanted it. Her album is still to surface and the only person who played this song on radio was - surprise surprise - Sandilands. Conspiracy theory: either someone's removed this song from YouTube or no one could be bothered putting it up.

2. Jacko: I'm an Individual
MELBOURNE'S singing footballer Russell Robertson sounds like Frank Sinatra compared to Jacko, who didn't let let a total inability to sing burden him. This 1985 hit is surely the only time the phrase ‘‘inda-bloody-vidual'' has been heard in a recording studio. Impressively the follow up, Me Brain Hurts, is even worse. To think that his manager at the time, Terry Blamey, would go on to steer the career of Kylie Minogue.
Click here to check out Jacko's I'm An Individual

3. Warwick Capper: I Only Take What's Mine
BLAME Jacko. A jealous Capper hit the studio after seeing I'm an Individual become a novelty hit. Capper busted out the tight shorts for the video but even they didn't help him hit the high notes in this diabolical song. Or any notes for that matter.
Here's Warwick, giving it his all for I Only Take What's Mine

4. Noeline Donaher: No Regrets
SOMEONE had the bright idea of using three of Noeline Donaher's 15 minutes of post-Sylvania Waters fame to record a cover of the classic. Except she couldn't sing and it sold by the thimbleful.
Noeline goes electric with No Regrets

5. Nikki Webster: Strawberry Kisses
POOR Nikki wanted to be a pop star after her Olympic glory. She was ahead of her time - with her nasal voice and tween-pop she was doing what Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus would take to the masses. Sadly Nikki just had an annoying, poxy pop song that sounded like something Britney rejected.
Check out Nikki's post-Olympic efforts

6. The Vaughans: Who Farted?
THIS novelty hit stinks in so many ways. The kind of record polluting second hand stores across the land.

7. Lee Harding: Wasabi
HE was the ‘punk' of Australian Idol who ditched his band for the TV show. It wasn't a good year for Idol - this was the season that inflicted Kate DeAraugo on us. Harding came third but somehow made No.1 with this teen-punk-by-numbers turkey that rhymed ‘‘tsunami' with ‘‘army''. He now resides in the where are they now? file. Along with DeAraugo.

8. Bruce Samazan: One of a Kind
FOR a few minutes everyone on TV show E Street tried putting a record out. This ended it all. His rap makes Britney's ex Kevin Federline sound like Jay-Z.

9. Stefan Dennis: Don't It Make You Feel Good
EVERYONE else from Neighbours was releasing records, so Stefan Dennis tried it too. Bouncer would have done a better job.

10. Skyhooks: Jukebox in Siberia
SKYHOOKS wrote some amazing singles. This isn't one of them. Their comeback was brief after this and the equally terrible Happy Hippy Hut. Not the way the band, or Shirley Strachan, should be remembered.

11. Dave and the Derros: Nice Legs, Shame About the Face
PUB rock novelty hit that was really all about the title. The follow up was Up Your Nose With a Rubber Hose.

12. The Whitlams: Chunky Chunky Air Guitar
SOMETIMES you can judge a book by the cover; this was left off the band's recent best of compilation so as to not contravene the Trade Practices Act.

13. Joe Dolce: Shaddap You Face
DEBATE rages over whether this - one of the most successful Australian songs ever - is pop genius or insanely annoying. Try listening to it ten times over.

14. Rus Le Roq: I Want To Be Like Marlon Brando
RUSSELL Crowe under an early alias; he'd later commit musical crimes as part of Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts.

15. John Farnham: Sadie the Cleaning Lady
COME on: even he hates it!

Top 10 stinky covers: they didn't write them, but they ruined them:
Collette: Ring My Bell
Craig McLachlan & Check 1,2: Mona
Teen Queens: Be My Baby
The Chantoozies: Witch Queen
Madison Avenue: Reminiscing
Freaked Out Flower Children: Spill the Wine
Jason Donovan: Sealed With a Kiss
Rolf Harris: Hand in My Pocket
Shannon Noll: C'mon Aussie C'mon
Ernie Sigley & Denise Drysdale: Hey Paula

Whats your worst Aussie song ever?

What Makes Australia Great: Aussie Inventions

Well before Federation in 1901, Australians had demonstrated how innovative they were. Thousands of years ago, Indigenous Australians developed tools like fish traps, boomerangs and woomeras to assist with hunting. They lived in harmony with nature using the native flora and fauna as a source of food and medicine.

When the European settlers arrived in this harsh, isolated land, they also had to be ingenious to survive and thrive. Early inventions included the windmill, the stump-jump plough, the stripper harvester, mechanical shears, ice-making machines and even lamingtons.

1901: Federation Wheat
William Farrer released the Federation wheat strain, resistant to fungal rust disease and drought.
1901: Flotation Method of Ore Separation
The method for separating ore from rock crushings, using bubbles to float the ore to the surface, was developed by Charles Potter and Guillaume Delprat of NSW.
1905: Thrust Bearing
Anthony Michell invented the tilt-pad thrust bearing, which reduced friction and increased power transmitted. The technology has been used in ship building around the world and also in pumps and turbines.
1906: Surf Lifesaving Reel
Designed by Lyster Ormsby, the reel was first demonstrated at Bondi Beach.
1906: Feature Film
The Story of the Kelly Gang was the world’s first feature length film.
1906: Kiwi Boot Polish
The boot polish that could restore the faded colour of brown shoes was first available for sale.
1909: Improved Sheep Shears
Aboriginal inventor, author and spokesperson, David Unaipon, patented an improved handpiece for sheep shears.
1913: Automatic Totalisator
Invented by George Julius, the tote automated betting at horse races.
1915: Aspro
While the German firm Bayer first produced aspirin, a Melbourne pharmacist George Nicholas and experimenter, Henry Woolf Smith produced a high-grade aspirin product, ‘Aspro’, that later took over the international market.
1918: Anthrax Vaccine
John McGarvie Smith donated his secret discovery of an anthrax vaccine to the NSW Government shortly before his death.
1922: Rotary Hoe
Cliff Howard, with help from his brother Albert built the first full-size rotary hoe cultivator. It uses energy to turn the soil directly, rather than dragging a plough behind a tractor.
1926: Heart Pacemaker
A doctor from the Crown Street Women’s Hospital in Sydney, who wished to remain anonymous, invented the original pacemaker in Australia.
1928: Royal Flying Doctor Service
Reverend John Flynn was the founder of the world’s first Aerial Medical Service, now known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). In May 1928, Dr St Vincent Welch made the first official RFDS visit.
1928: First Crossing of the Pacific
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew performed the world’s first air crossing of the Pacific Ocean.
1928: Speedo Swimwear
This swimwear originated in Sydney when the MacRae Knitting Mills manufactured the company’s first swimsuit, the razorback, made from silk and joined in the middle of the back. Speedo introduced the world’s first nylon swimsuit in 1957.
1929: Pedal Wireless
The pedal-operated generator, connected to a wireless, was invented by Alfred Traeger.
1930: Letter Sorting Machine
Sydney GPO was the site for the first mechanised letter sorter which was developed by an engineer with the Posmaster-General’s Department.
1933: Utility Vehicle
The ute, with a front like a car and rear like a truck was designed by Lewis Bandt at the Ford Motor Company in Geelong, Victoria.
1941: Penicillin production starts
Penicillin, extracted and refined by a team led by Howard Florey, was trialled successfully on humans, and went into production in time to aid casualties of World War II.
1945: Hills Hoist
This rotary clothesline with a winding mechanism allowing the frame to be raised and lowered was invented by Lance Hill of Adelaide in 1945.
1946: Shepherd Castors
George Shepherd invented strong, easily manoeuvrable dome-shaped castors for furniture. These replaced traditional pivoted wheel castors.
1947: Cloud Seeding
Scientists at CSIRO conducted the first successful cloud seeding experiments, making rain fall near Bathurst, NSW.
1950: School of the Air
The first ever radio lesson was broadcast using the transmitter at the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Base at Alice Springs.
1952: Victa Lawnmower
The Victa version of the petrol lawnmower with rotary blades was developed by Mervyn Victor Richardson, and became an Aussie icon.
1952: Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Sir Alan Walsh of the CSIRO invented this instrument used for high speed chemical analysis of metallic elements.
1953: Solar Water Heater
The first prototype of a solar water heater was developed at CSIRO in Victoria.
1956: Redback Spider Antivenom
An antivenom for the bite of the redback spider developed by Dr Saul Weiner was released for use.
1957: Permanent Crease Trousers
The process of producing permanent creases in fabric was developed by Dr Arthur Farnworth of CSIRO by adding a special resin to wool fibres to change their chemical structure.
1957: A.E. Bishop Holdings Pty Ltd
This company was established by Dr Arthur Bishop, beginning his life’s work as an international leader in vehicle steering innovations.
1958: Black Box Flight Recorder
Dr David Warren in Melbourne invented the first black box flight memory recorder. The unit recorded the pilot’s voice and a few instrument readings.
1958: Round-the-World Airline Service
Qantas inaugurated a pioneering round-the-world airline service with two aircraft taking off from Melbourne.
1960: Plastic Spectacle Lenses
Scientific Optical Laboratories designed the world’s first plastic spectacle lenses which are 60% lighter than glass lenses.
1961: Ultrasound
George Kossoff and David Robinson built the first ultrasound scanner at the ultrasonics institute in the Commonwealth Department of Health.
1964: Latex Gloves
The Ansell company had made household gloves since 1925. In 1964 they introduced the disposable latex gloves for use in surgery.
1965: Inflatable Aircraft Escape Slide
Jack Grant of Qantas invented the inflatable aircraft escape slide which can also be used as a raft on water. These slides are now standard safety equipment on all major airlines.
1965: Wiltshire Staysharp Knife
The Wiltshire Staysharp knife was invented with a sheath which sharpens the knife each time it is withdrawn.
1965: Wine Cask
Thomas Angove introduced the wine cask.
1968: Polyvalent Snake Antivenom
A snake antivenom capable of acting against the poison from most Australian snakes was developed by CSIRO.
1969: Australia Shows the First Steps on the Moon
The radio telescope in Parkes, New South Wales, received and relayed to the world the first pictures of the first moon landing.
1970: Microsurgery Pioneered
Professor Earl Owen from Sydney pioneered microsurgery techniques by performing the first microsurgery operation when he rejoined an amputated index finger.
1972: Orbital Internal Combustion Engine
The orbital internal combustion engine was developed by engineer Ralph Sarich of Perth, Western Australia.
1972: Rowcar
Rotary Club members designed a small four-wheeled vehicle, with hand propulsion and steering, to give mobility to disabled and incapacitated children.
1973: Pop Top Can
Sir Ian McLennan of BHP came up with the idea of press-buttons where the button is hinged to the can and does not cause a litter problem.
1973: In-vitro Fertilisation
The world’s first pregnancy using IVF technology was reported from Monash Medical Centre.
1974: Super Sopper
Sydney inventor Gordon Withnall invented this device which soaks up water from wet sportsgrounds.
1974: PSZ
CSIRO developed partially stabilised zirconia; an extremely tough ceramic with a wide range of industrial applications.
1975: Interscan
An aircraft approach and landing guidance system using microwaves was successfully tested at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.
1976: Electronic Ignition System
A silicon-chip ignition system for small engines in lawnmowers and chainsaws was developed by the Notarus brothers in Sydney.
1978: Synroc
Professor Ted Ringwood led a team at the Australian National University to develop synthetic rock to contain high-level nuclear waste with safety.
1979: Bionic Ear
The cochlear implant, designed to help the hearing impaired and profoundly deaf, was invented by Professor Graeme Clark of the University of Melbourne.
1979: Race Cam
A lightweight, fixed camera used in car racing and other sports broadcasts was developed by Australian engineer, Geoff Healey.
1979: Cool Lightweight Wool Fabrics
The technique for spinning lightweight wool was invented at CSIRO.
1981: Bodyguard Power Protector
Gerard Industries developed a power point with an inbuilt electronic circuit that cuts the power if there is a power leakage and virtually eliminates the chance of electric shock.
1983: Footrot Vaccine
CSIRO produced a vaccine against footrot using genetic engineering techniques.
1983: Winged Keel
Australia II won the America’s Cup in part due to the revolutionary winged keel designed by Ben Lexcen.
1984: In-vitro Fertilisation
The first frozen embryo baby was born in Melbourne using a technique developed by Dr Alan Trounsen and Dr Linda Mohr.
1985: World’s Most Efficient Solar Cells
Dr Stuart Wenham and Professor Martin Green from the University of New South Wales produced the world’s first 20% efficient solar cell.
1985: Dynasphere Lightning Protection
A Tasmanian company, Global Lightning Technologies, developed the Dynasphere lightning terminal. The company exports its products to over 30 countries.
1985: Broncostat
The oral vaccine to prevent bronchitis, was developed by Professor Robert Clancy at the University of Newcastle. It reduces attacks of acute bronchitis by up to 90%.
1986: Gene Shears
The discovery of gene shears – molecules used to prevent harmful and unwanted genes in plants and animals – was made by CSIRO scientists, Dr Wayne Gerlach and Dr Jim Haseloff.
1987: Wave Piercing Catamaran
Ship builder Incat Australia Pty Ltd designed a low buoyancy bow which helps the catamaran pierce through waves, resulting in a faster and smoother journey.
1988: Plastic Banknotes
CSIRO and Note Printing Australia developed the world’s first polymer banknote made from tough flexible polypropylene plastics. These notes last longer and are more difficult to counterfeit than paper money.
1988: Biological Pesticides
The world’s first non-chemical biological pesticide was invented at the University of Adelaide.
1990: Reading Machine for the Blind
Milan Hudecek of Melbourne invented the world’s first reading machine for the blind.
1991: Plastic Rod Bone Repair
The technique of using plastic rods in place of metal pins and screws was developed by Dr Michael Ryan and Dr Stephen Ruff at Sydney’s North Shore Hospital.
1991: Biodegradable Marine Degreaser
The world’s first biodegradable marine degreaser, made from naturally-occurring marine oils, was developed by the CSIRO and Beku Environmental Products Ltd.
1992: Multi-focal Contact Lens
The world’s first multi-focal contact lenses were invented by optical research scientist, Stephen Newman of QLD.
1993: Underwater Computer
Bruce Macdonald at the Australian Institute of Marine Science developed the world’s first underwater computer with a multi-button hand-held keypad that mimics a conventional keyboard.
1994: Sportswool
CSIRO developed a new bi–layer fabric consisting of wool and polyester, ideal for sportswear because the fabric allows rapid dissipation of moisture.
1995: Calicivirus
CSIRO developed this rabbit–specific virus that resulted in the number of rabbits declining up to 8% in some areas of Australia.
1996: Australian in Space
Dr Andy Thomas completed his first mission in space aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour. In 1998 he spent 141 days aboard the Russian Mir Space Station.
1996: Relenza
The world’s first anti-influenza drug was developed by the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University and Biota Holdings. In 2000, the drug was approved for release in Australia, Europe and the USA.
1998: Hybrid Toilet
A lightweight, fully–enclosed toilet system which requires no water and minimal maintenance was released for sale.
1998: Skin Polarprobe
Polartechnics Ltd, the Sydney Melanoma Unit and CSIRO developed the Solarscan™, a device to scan the skin and quickly assess sunspots to determine if they are melanomas.
1999: Night and Day Contact Lenses
The Cooperative Research Centre for Eye Research and Technology developed this contact lens made of revolutionary material capable of transmitting six times more oxygen to the eye, allowing extended wear for up to 30 days and nights.
2000: Biodegradable Packaging
The Cooperative Research Centre for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science developed new biodegradable packaging materials based on starch.

What Aussies Like Blog

I have started another blog called "What Aussies Like" which discusses range of things that Australians Like. You can access it at http://www.aussieslike.blogspot.com. I'm looking for people to help contribute and add articles to it. If this sounds like you then drop me a comment.

Top 5 Friday: Things to buy in Australia while on vacation

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  1. Ugg Boots
  2. Thongs
  3. Vegemite
  4. Tim Tams
  5. Meat Pie - obviously you can't take this home, but be sure to try one.

Please leave a comment with your suggestion for next Friday's Top 5 list. The best suggestion gets a link to their blog or website in the next Top 5 Friday list.

What Makes Australia Great - What do you reckon?

To celebrate Australia day on 26th January and I'm developing a list of things that make Australia great. This list is going to be on the blog on 26th January. Please leave a comment on our blog with your list or idea on what makes Australia great. I'm going to take all these comments and put it into one big list. It can be anything really. Everyday you'll see a new entry about my thoughts and ramblings about what I think makes Australia great. I understand that some of you are not Aussie but that shouldn't stop you from adding to this list.

What Makes Australia Great - The Castle

It may be pretentious of me to label The Castle the funniest Australian comedy ever made, but that’s probably not far from the truth.

This film comes from the Working Dog production company, who were responsible for the classic Aussie TV show Frontline as well as variety news and entertainment talkie The Panel. Working Dog star Rob Sitch directs The Castle with tasteful, silly and intelligent humour, complemented with a breezy and effortlessly energetic rythtem.

The Castle is a small guy versus the big guys film that has a sentimental emotional core, and many jokes are derived from the story of a charming family defending their home against a compulsory acquisition.

Performances from a talented Australia cast breathe life into a bunch of quirky but lovable characters. Michael Caton is especially great as the father of the family, Darryl Kerrigan, a lovable oaf with a heart of gold. Veteran actor Charles (Bud) Tingwell also appears as a wise lawyer who takes it upon himself to defend the Kerrigans.

The script was written by Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy and Sitch - all regulars on TV’s The Panel. They have a sound sense of joke timing, and how to keep audiences interested. The Castle is a rare find; a funny, wonderful piece that shines in its own homely, honest way.

It is common in Australia to humorously quote lines from "The Castle". Some of the most popular of these are:
  • What do you call this? (in reference to obvious items)
  • Tell 'em they're dreaming!
  • A man's home is his castle.
  • It's not a house, it's a home.
  • Dale dug a hole.
  • That is going straight to the Pool Room.
  • How's the serenity? So much serenity!
  • It's what you do with it.
  • It's the vibe.
Director: Rob Sitch
Cast: Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Anthony Simcoe, Charles (Bud) Tingwell, Wayne Hope, Tiriel Mora, Eric Bana

What Makes Australia Great: Steven Bradbury

Australia day is coming on January 26 so I thought it was time to kick off this years edition of What Makes Australia Great.

Steven Bradbury is an incredible sportsman. He is well-known of his gold medal win in the men’s short track 1000 meters during Olympic Games Salt Lake City 2002. In the final, Bradbury was in last place, but then all his opponents - Apolo Anton Ohno, Ahn Hyun-Soo, Li Jiajun and Mathieu Turcotte, crashed out at the final corner. Steven was completely shocked. It was first gold medal for Australia in the history. After winning his medal, he said: “Obviously I wasn’t the fastest skater. I don’t think I’ll take the medal as the minute-and-a-half of the race I actually won. I’ll take it as the last decade of the hard slog I put in.”

Music Monday: Bohemian Rhapsody

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See Us On Skype

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We have Skype now!

If you don't know what Skype is its a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, ... You can talk to us on Skype over the Internet for free Voice Chat and Camera.

If you don't have Skype then click here and download it. Then add elliott4u to your contacts list to talk to us anytime! Easy Peezy. We have webcam and a microphone so you'll be able to Myself, Elena, and Madeline in real time. The next best thing to actually being there.

Skype recommends that you have a broadband connection especially for voice chatting and Video conferencing at the same time! We hope to see all our American friends and family on there.

Obama's inauguration

Here's what I'm hoping to see next week at Obama's Inauguration as president

Top 5 Friday: What I am looking forward to in 2009?

Here is a list of the Top 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2009:

1. Madeline's first birthday
2.Visiting the United States
3. Seeing V8 Supercar driver Jamie Whincup drive in Adelaide with the #1 on his door.
4. Seeing Ben Cousins first game in Richmond colours.
5. Seeing Richmond make the AFL finals

Please leave a comment with your suggestion for next Friday's Top 5 list. The best suggestion gets a link to their blog or website in the next Top 5 Friday list.

Shes a little beauty

I went fishing today with my friend Bruce. I had never been fishing before in my whole entire life but he had. I've always wanted to go fishing and I thought "Well Why Not". So we set off at 5am to this nice little spot. We were sitting around waiting without a bite for about 4 hours.

Bruce went to the can and then all of a sudden I felt a yank and I had caught something. It was a struggle. And it was only me and the thing. It wasn't going to give up without a fight. About 10 mins later Bruce came back and he helped me bring this in. We knew it was big but we didn't know how big. Finally after an hour we finally brought it in and it was huge. Infact if I tried to describe the size of the beast my arms would disclocate. But luckly I got this photo!

Coming to America

Elena and I have some great news. We're coming to America for Christmas this year. It's been 3 years since Elena has been back to the states. I on the other hand have never been to the US of A. Just like Eddie Murphy, I'm looking forward to experiencing what it's like to be a 'real American'. I really don't know what to expect. The only country I've been to is New Zealand back in '05. The only American food I've experienced is stuff from the USA food's shop in Melbourne.

We are hoping to be in the US for at least a month or so. We've written down a list of 50 plus things to check out. One of the things I want to do is to be in the Audience of Dave Letterman and perhaps check out Rupert Gee's Hello Deli around the corner. Picture our experience as cross between Coming To America and National Lampoons Vacation where the Grizwalds travel across america to go to Wally World (Hey another thing to add to our list).

We finally did chatted via webcam and mic with Elena's dad and co yesterday and for the first time they could see the 3 of us live 20,000 miles away. If you want to talk to us then add elliott4u to your friend list in skype.

We're on the lookout for any idea's of what to see or do while we're over there. I'm kind of partial to seeing my first live NFL game, if someone can explain the rules to me. Whatever we do over there, it should be sweet.