Got Milk?


The question is what haven't we been up to? I can write this post like millions of others and say stuff like: "Today was an exciting day, I fed my pet iguana and watched my favourite show I Love Lucy" But I won't. We won't tell you boring stuff like "Today I had breakfast. I poured the rest of my sultana bran into the bowl, opened the fridge to get the milk and found that I was out so I went down to the supermarket and...."you get the idea.

Whats my point? Always have milk in the fridge and don't forget the spoon! You'll thank me tomorrow morning when you make breakfast for your 3 screaming kids who constantly scream "Daddy, I'm hungry, I want breakfast". So what do you do? Get shoes on all the kids and take them to McDonald's, find a car park, and spend $40 on breakfast for 6 of your family members when you could have gone down to the shop the night before and actually got it and saved yourself $35 or so.

So you thought there was a point to this post?
Well there's not... Sorry to disappoint you!

Have a nice day!

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