I think I'm addicted to Facebook

We decided after 2 years of anti-facebook to sign up and give it a whirl. Elena and I finally have a Facebook account. All I can say is I'm impressed and it has taken over my life (I only signed up 12 hours ago). Interesting to look for people I went to school with and to see how much everyone had changed. I even found one guy I went to school with who now looks like Peter Helliar from Rove Live.

Now that I'm set up on Facebook it makes me wonder how much is too much. Do I really need to change my status every two seconds? Does everyone really need to know: "Mike is on Facebook", "Mike is watching Seinfeld", "Mike is eating a Tim Tam", "Mike is being awesome", "Mike just got off the computer and went to the fridge to get a pepsi and realised that he has no Milk for tomorrows breakfast", "Mike is at IGA buying Milk", "Mike is at the checkout and checking to see how many friends he has", "Mike is driving while checking Facebook". Where does it end? I can totally understand now why it is addictive and a procrastinators dream come true. I guess if I made the local newspaper the article on myself would read like this:

Facebook Ruined My Life

Mike Elliott, 31, said 'Ever since I signed up, I have been addicted to Facebook.'

'I started playing, and just felt the urge to continue when I didn't complete it. Then when I eventually saw those how many friends I had, the buzz was so great. That was when it started.'

Mike misfortunes included loosing two jobs for misuse of the computers, and he even almost missed his wedding.

'That was really embarrassing,' he said. 'I just thought I'd be able to quickly log on and change my status before I had to be at the church, and next thing I know my best man was knocking at the front door leaving five minutes to get across town.'

However, the happly married couple's life turned to turmoil when Mike went back on his word and failed to be there at the hospital 7 months ago when his wife was giving birth.

'I'm really upset about that,' Mike said, 'I really wanted to be there when Elena gave birth, but my virtual gifts from so called friends was nowhere to be seen.'

'It's just not good enough,' says Michael's wife, Elena. 'He is always on that computer checking Facebook. Since I've known him, he's gone through six mouses, wearing out the left button on each of them.'

It was on hearing the news of his impending divorce that has caused Mike to sue Facebook.

'It's just ruined my life completely. There's not even a helpline or anything for me. If I was on someone could help me, or if I was an alcoholic someone would. I feel discriminated against because of my facebook addiction, and it's all Facebook's fault.'

Mike has said that if Microsoft do not pay up his requested compensation sum of $20,000,000, then he will be going to do further measures.
If you want to add me as your Facebook friend then click feel free. http://www.new.facebook.com/people/Mike-Elliott/623680566

Here is a catchy Facebook song

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natasha said...
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Donna said...

Hi Mike

Thanks for visiting my blog...its amazing how many expat aussies there are out there. I have to say though I am a member of facebook but I really don't "get it" and so I never use it. It seems a bit obscure to me but all my friends swear by it....so I guess its just me!