TV TV Please Come Back To Me


Back in October we decided to make an investment and purchase a Samsung 50 inch plasma TV. We affectionately called it Sammy. Sammy was purchased along with a Sony home entertainment system with 5.1 surround sound. About 3 weeks ago Sammy decided to stop working. Thankfully because of our 5 year warranty we called Samsung who gave us the number of a repair guy in our town. We called him up and he came and collected the TV. 3 Weeks later Sammy still isn't fixed. Firstly the guy said it would take a week, then I find out last week he hadn't even got to Sammy yet since there are a large number of TV's that need repairing thanks to the 40C degree plus heat. Apparently the friendly Sales Assistant in the store forgot to tell us that TV's don't like heat and we should move to the north pole if we really want a plasma TV.

Whats my point in saying all this? My point is where is my TV? I'm really starting to get worried that I'll never see Sammy again. The NAB cup has already started. Richmond plays Collingwood on Thursday night (yep 2 days away) and I would like to watch Ben Cousin's first game as a Tiger in all Sammy's 50 inch High Definition glory instead of on a 20 inch computer screen. Just seeing
Collingwood lose is worth the price of a new TV. Does the repair guys know how important TV is? I couldn't live my life without TV - That's why we brought the biggest TV in Myers. I'm really beginning to understand how Amish people feel. That's all Amish people really are - people who have their TV in the shop being repaired. I've had nightmares about Sammy doing a runner and appearing on Crime Stoppers or even worse - On the next series of the simple life with Paris Hilton.

I miss Sammy so much that I decided to write her a poem:

Sammy Sammy where can you be?
Why won't you come back to me?
I miss your 50 inch screen
And you're no where to be seen.

I want to watch the footy on your HD screen
But you're no where to be seen.
When you come on back to me
We will be one big happy family

The Sony home theatre is missing you
Look at what you're putting him through
Sammy Sammy where can you be?
I hope some day you'll come back to me

Now I know how the father in the parable of the Prodigal son in the Bible feels. Here I am waiting and hoping one day I'm going to get the phone call telling me Sammy is all fixed but I think she's out partying like Paris Hilton on Red Cordial. If anyone has seen Sammy then let me know. Watch this space for updates.

Feel free to leave your best wishes for Sammy in the comments.
If anyone has any idea's for a name for our Sony home entertainment system then also leave your entry in the comments.

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