Music Monday: Crowded House

Here is Crowded House with a song called "She Called Up" From their Time on Earth album. This was filmed at Neil Finn's old primary school in New Zealand.

A Letter To The Richmond Football Club

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Dear Richmond Football Club,

2 finals in 26 years and this year we are hoping that this could be the one where we play footy in September.

Enough is enough - This is the final straw. I've been a Richmond supporter since I was 5 (26 years now) and this is pathetic - RFC sucks bigger than our new Dyson Vacuum cleaner (Which ironically is yellow and black). Richmond Football Club you have lost the trust of the supporters and members!!!

Does anyone at the Richmond Football Club think of the Richmond supporters and realise the crap that gets flicked at them on Mondays when they turn up to work? (not to mention the Facebook messages and SMS'es).

I'm one of the lucky Richmond supporters who decided to not buy a membership. I'm so embarrassed to be a Richmond supporter right now that I'm thinking of changing teams and have already started asking for people's preferences on Facebook. I'd even pick *gasp* Collingwood. I would like to see a team I go for have a chance to play finals footy once more - even if they don't make it to the Grand Final. Is that too much to ask for? I'm so embarrassed that I don't even have the guts to go see a game live.

I'm not spending $100 for fuel and tickets to go all the way to Melbourne and drive though Melbourne traffic, spend $10 at Maccas on the Calder Freeway, get charged $10 for a Citylink pass, get charged an extra $10 for parking at the MCG, pay $15 for a pie and coke, wait 45 minutes to get out of the car park at the end of the night, and then finally take a 2 hour trip home back to Bendigo just to see my team lose. I'm sure there are others that feel this way.

Here's a simple solution: Why don't you give bonuses to those players who perform and cut the pay of those players who don't?

Ask yourself when you go out there this weekend: What would Jack Dyer do?

Well thats all I have to say about that.

Note to Self #4

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Note to Self:
No matter how old you get, Never ever get Botox!

Time To Get Out The Parachute Pants - Its Hammer Time

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IN what could be the most cringeworthy but fun tour in years, Vanilla Ice is planning to hit the road with fellow former chart-topper MC Hammer.

The pair are nutting out a world tour and they have pencilled in shows in Australia.
"It is not set in stone at this point, but it is happening," the Ice Man said while in Melbourne.
"We are, in about nine months, going to come through Australia with a big world tour -- MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice."

Ice, otherwise known as Rob Van Winkle, performed at the V Festival at the Showgrounds on Saturday and was a huge hit.

Ice was performing on one of the smaller stages and many fans who wanted to see the comeback king could not get near the area.

"The area was packed out by quite young fans who wanted to see him," a festival goer said.
"The funny thing is, many of them would have been too young to have any idea of how big he was when Ice Ice Baby was a hit."

Note to Self #3

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Note to self… Playing Guitar Hero does not = talent

Note to self #2

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Faking a birthday is awesome... even cooler on April Fools Day

Exhibit A: